Best fps io game?

I think we know the answer. is a FPS shooter io game, a game you can play on your browser without downloading anything. It's free and it always be free.

It's the best FPS io game you can play on browser, there are 4 different heroes you can unlock, each of them has different weapons, abilities and cards. Especially if you like hero shooter games, you'll love FPS shooter game. We have 1.000+ different, unique game maps that is designed by community members. Some of them has top-down shooter views.

About is biggest and best IO game ever produced. It has more than 3.000.000 monthly players and it's growing every day.

Venge .io FPS is a fast-paced online shooter IO game that pits teams of players against each other in intense, head-to-head shooting combat.

Choose from various weapons and abilities to take down your opponents, and take control of the battlefield!

Venge .io is a multiplayer shooting IO game, where players must shoot their way in fps io game controls and create strategies against each other using fps io game mechanics.

Unlike in other fps IO games, Venge IO shooter offers unique heroes, custom weapon load-outs, custom skins for both heroes and guns, and much more never seen before shooter io game features that in any FPS.IO games.

Venge io fps game is the shooter game that changed the IO games scene, compelling other fps IO games to as much quality content as Venge offers.


Move: WASD Aim/Shoot: Mouse Change Weapon: 1-9 Ability: F

Play and test your strenght across several official mythologically inspired maps and thousands of custom games made with built-in map editor.

Find your path in this easy to play, hard to master arena shooter. Gain points and VG with doing quests, in-game challenges, daily rewards, tournaments, and of course, kills.

In addition, customize your experience in highly customizable controls and user interface, you can get your place in leaderboards, build your clan and fight as a team, easily invite friends and add them to your friends list, make your own weapon skin and submit to our Discord server, make your own custom map and play it with your friends, sell your items in player market, earn VG and; buy new characters weapon skins, character skins, charms, emotes and sprays.

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